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Pet-ID Microchips

Specialising in animal identification for over 20 years. Swiss-engineered chips for reliability and read range, precision engineered needles for strength and sharpness, related database services for end-to-end customer service.

About Pet-ID Microchips

Pet-ID is a specialist multi-channel supplier with customers from all animal welfare sectors including veterinary, rescue, breeder, groomer, local authority, pet services and zoos. In addition, Pet-ID is a leading supplier to wildlife conservation projects in the UK and overseas. Pet-ID distributes worldwide to international customers and has distribution arrangements in countries inside and outside the EU. We understand what professional implanters require from a microchip supplier.

Pet-ID manufactures high-quality FDX-B microchips to ISO Standard 11784/11785 as required for use in the UK, EU countries and most other territories. Each microchip is pre-programmed with a unique number identified by Pet-ID’s ICAR manufacturer code 958, encased in bio-compatible glass and coated with medical grade Parylene-C to prevent migration, then sterilised with ethylene oxide.  In fact, our luerlock needles are the narrowest gauge needle available for 12mm microchips.  All Pet-ID microchips come with a lifetime guarantee.

We offer various microchip sizes and formats; standard 12mm microchips in needle assemblies for use with our reusable implant gun, plus two syringe formats and the 8mm mini chip in syringe format (recommended for use in small breeds of cats, dogs and exotic species). We also supply a range of scanners suitable for use in all channels.


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Written by: surge