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About the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes

About the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes

Association of Dogs and Cats Homes (ADCH) is the leading representative charity for dog and cat rescue and rehoming organisations across 8 jurisdictions.  Operating across England, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey,  ADCH promotes best practice in animal welfare for dogs and cats.

ADCH has a superb ethos of people and charities working together to help one another for the benefit of dogs and cats.  Membership has been growing rapidly and we now have over 160 Member organisations.  Members encompass charities of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest, so the number of people measures many thousands.

As hosts for the UK’s largest animal welfare Annual Conference for the rescue and rehoming sector, ADCH attracts attention and engagement from a wide variety of organisations, UK-wide and from Ireland as well as overseas. ADCH Annual Conference attracts over 500 people each day, and our Open Meetings (currently under review) connect members and corporate supporters. In addition, we run a wide variety of other meetings and training events during the year.

Our Vision, Mission and Values


A positive life for all dogs and cats


ADCH is an umbrella organisation which works on behalf of its members to create a professional and sustainable sector which improves the lives of dogs and cats.


ADCH is committed to:

Leadership – ADCH and its Members leading the sector and proactively tackling future issues and facilitating solutions while listening to all involved.

Collaboration – We all share knowledge, expertise, and actions for excellence.

Integrity – High standards including transparency, respect and inclusion.

Professionalism – Innovative experts with ambition for the sector

Support – Helping members to grow and develop together for dogs, cats and people too.

Our Purpose

The Purposes of the Association are to:

  • Develop good practice and influence others working in the rescue and/or rehoming of dogs and cats.
  • Address common problems and issues.
  • Explore and, where appropriate, negotiate price reductions through economies of scale.
  • Exchange information and provide mutual support where practicable, which may include the movement of dogs and cats between organisations.
  • Combine resources to encourage workable, welfare enhancing legislation.
  • Exchange knowledge in construction and refurbishment of facilities.
  • Where appropriate and agreed, represent the views of members to a wider audience.

A copy of our Constitution can be found here.

Our Strategy 2024 - 2030

Our overarching aim by the end of the decade is to have a strong and sustainable Association and sector that are consistently making a real difference enhancing the lives of the dogs and cats in the UK and Ireland.

To achieve this, we will address needs where we can make the most difference. We will create an externally focused peer-community, keen to collaborate to achieve a better future.

You can download our Strategy Summary here.

You can download our Full Strategy here.

Annual Report and Accounts