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Minimum Welfare & Operational Standards

Minimum Welfare & Operational Standards

ADCH is the major force in raising the standards of animal welfare across the sector.

One fundamental aspect of this is the ADCH Minimum Welfare and Operational Standards, which have been approved by Trustees and Members.  These form the basis of Membership, and decisions on admission of new Members.

Members want their Minimum Standards to:

• Safeguard animal welfare.
• Safeguard the reputation of the member organisation, ADCH and the sector at large.
• Be proportionate and realistically achievable.

With these aims in mind the ADCH Minimum Standards are accompanied by guidance notes to help organisations interpret the requirements of the standards.

Our Standards

Download a copy of our standards and answers to frequently asked questions below:

ADCH Minimum Welfare & Operational Standards

ADCH Minimum Welfare & Operational Standards – Q & A

Our Standard Operating Procedures

The following documents detail the processes we follow for accepting new member applications and when carrying out assessments.

SOP1: New Member Applications

SOP2: Existing Member – Self Assessment

SOP3: Existing Member – External Assessment

SOP4: Assessments for Multi-site Members