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Battersea Academy

Battersea Academy aims to educate and empower rehoming and rescue centres to do the best for dogs and cats with the resources they have.

About Battersea Academy

We work in a sector where there are many organisations providing fantastic care for unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats in their area, but until now there has been very little formal training available to volunteers and staff working in rescue and rehoming organisations.

In 2018, we launched the Battersea Academy, a centre for professional development that offers a range of programmes designed to equip animal welfare practitioners from across the UK and around the world with the knowledge and practical skills needed to operate their rescue and rehoming centres effectively and to the highest possible standard.

The Battersea Academy is open to any dog and cat rehoming or rescue organisation, from small volunteer-run shelters to established animal rescues and offers a range of one-day, two-day and intensive programmes.

During the programmes our team of Battersea and sector experts will support participants in identifying changes that could enhance their rescue and, after they have attended, we keep in touch to understand the impact these changes have had.  In addition to the learning gained from the programmes, the Academy is also a great opportunity for rescues to learn from one another and share best practice.

Not for profit animal rescue organisations working with dogs and/or cats may be eligible to apply for a bursary towards the cost of attending an Academy programme.

Application decisions are made based on the following:

  • An organisation’s ability to pay (based on annual financial turnover)
  • The scale of the problem that the organisation is looking to address
  • The potential for positive impact on the lives of the local animal population
  • Number of previous successful applications

The Academy also recognises that funding can be a significant barrier to change for many organisations and runs a biannual grants programme which offers funding across a number of categories.


For more information on Academy programmes, bursaries or grants, please visit the Battersea Academy website or email [email protected] (for programmes and bursary information) or [email protected]

Written by: surge