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AVID MicroChips & PETtrac Database

Supplier and manufacturer of pet identification MicroChips and scanners, also managing the 24hr UK PETtrac MicroChip database. Instant registration and re-registration through our dedicated website, supported software systems as well as electronic reunification and free mobile app.

About AVID MicroChips & PETtrac Database

AVID manufacture and supply our own pet MicroChips and scanners, we also manage the PETtrac 24hr reunification database.

AVID Mini-MicroChips feature a thinner 15-gauge needle and include lifetime registration with PETtrac. Our MicroChips can be registered electronically via supported rescue management systems, our easy-to-use website and free mobile app.

High quality MicroChips and scanners
The AVID MicroChips are ISO standard, include an anti-migratory coating and offer the choice of two implanter styles. Our single use syringe implanter uses a thinner 15 gauge needle which is much nicer to implant. To complement our high quality MicroChips, our scanners have been designed to include models which scan all current companion animal MicroChip standards in the UK and from around the world. The MiniTracker Pro is perfect for most applications due to its compact size, easy to use design and extended read range, which is typically over 12cm.

A robust and proven pet MicroChip database
Whether you are implanting and registering pet MicroChips, handling found pets or re-homing surrendered pets, you always have to consider the MicroChip database that will be holding those details. AVID manage the 24hr PETtrac Database ensuring simple and efficient MicroChip registration and a high quality reunification service that’s provided 24hr, 365 day a year via our dedicated website, free mobile app. supported rescue software packages and freephone number.

Dual Registration
Developed as an extra safety net, your rescue details can be registered as an alternative contact on the MicroChip record at the time of registration or re-registration. These details can be provided for reunification purposes if the animal has been lost/found.


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Written by: surge