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Celebrating National Puppy Day 2024

On National Puppy Day, we are celebrating the adoption and rehoming of dogs of all ages.

We are privileged to share the heartfelt journey of Idris, a lurcher adopted by Rachel and her family from Forever Hounds Trust, an ADCH member. Idris’s story stands as a testament to the transformative power of adoption and the enduring bonds formed between humans and their beloved pets.

Rachel told us…

“When I saw a picture of Idris not long after he was rescued, a shadow of what he would become, there was a connection that tugged at my heartstrings. Despite his emaciated frame and patchy fur, there was an undeniable beauty in his eyes and I knew we had to meet him to find out if we were the right family for him. Rescued by the Greyhound Rescue West of England, now known as Forever Hounds Trust Idris’s transformation from a neglected lurcher, to a cherished member of our family is nothing short of miraculous. At just two years old, he had already endured so much, yet his spirit remained strong. 

From the moment he arrived in our home, Idris belonged. His gentle nature always endeared him to everyone he met, both human and canine alike. Idris’s zest for life is infectious. He revels in the simple pleasures—a leisurely stroll on the beach, zoomies in the park with his canine friends, or indulging in his favourite treat: a succulent tuna steak. His joy knows no bounds, and his cheeky personality never fails to bring a smile to our faces. 

Idris enjoys learning new things, mastering the art of parkour and learning hoopers and his presence in our lives has been a blessing. He has taught us the true meaning of resilience and unconditional love. He’s a cherished companion, a loyal friend, and a beloved member of our family. We are forever grateful to have Idris by our side, and we cherish every moment we share together.” 

If Idris’ story has inspired you to consider adoption or learn more about rescue organisations, please visit our Find a Rescue’ page.


Idris And Bandit


Written by: ADCH