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ADCH Awards £164,265 Emergency Cost-of-Living Grants to Animal Rescue Organisations Caring for Over 1,300 Animals in Need

ADCH awards £164,265 Emergency Cost-of-Living Grants to animal rescue organisations caring for over 1,300 animals in need and has found in their national survey of 170 animal rescue and rehoming organisations that 73% expect to struggle to make ends meet, while 97% expect to see a greater demand for their services.

National survey of 170 animal rescue and rehoming organisations found 73% expect to struggle to make ends meet, while 97% expect to see a greater demand for their services.

The Association of Dogs and Cats Homes (ADCH) has taken action to help ease the financial burden faced by animal rescue organisations across the UK and Ireland. By granting a total of £164,265, ADCH is providing vital support to navigate the challenging cost-of-living crisis.

A national ADCH survey encompassing 170 animal rescue and rehoming charities unveiled unprecedented challenges within the sector. A striking 73% of these organisations foresee difficulties in making ends meet, while 97% anticipate an upsurge in service demands.

Giles Webber, Chair of the Association, underlined the urgency of the situation,

Our research last Autumn laid bare the escalating challenges confronting the sector. Rising energy, food, and veterinary costs, coupled with increased demand for their services, are putting their survival at risk.”

As more pet owners face heartbreaking situations, leading them to surrender their beloved companions, the demand for rescue services continues to grow. These organisations are crucial in offering the much-needed support, shelter, and care.

The ADCH Emergency Relief Fund, initiated to aid member organisations facing short-term financial crisis, has successfully provided essential support to 27 rescue and rehoming charities. Collectively, these organisations are housing 1,307 animals in need, and in the past year alone, they have successfully rehomed over 8,000 animals.  The emergency grants will help these organisations tackle steep increases in costs, including rising energy bills and veterinary care.

This aid was made possible thanks to the generous support and contributions of Dogs Trust, RSPCA, and Humane Society International/UK, who are no strangers to the challenges confronting the entire sector.

Grant recipient, Anna Morton, Assisi Animal Sanctuary, Northern Ireland said,

“At a time when things have become increasingly difficult the grant so generously provided by ADCH could not have come at a better time and is a very welcome support.  With the ever-rising costs of essential utility bills, pet food and veterinary costs required to keep our sanctuary running and provide the necessary care for the animals in our care combined with our loyal supporters also feeling the pinch and not being able to financially support as much as they would like, it is a constant worry that we will struggle to make ends meet from month to month.

To receive this grant will give us some breathing space and enable us to spread the cost and help cover the increases we are finding across all our outgoings. Thanks again to ADCH, Dogs Trust, RSPCA and HSI/UK for stepping in and helping support us in this way”.

Giles Webber expressed his gratitude for the collaborative efforts of all the contributors,

“It is vital that we do whatever we can to support these organisations so they can continue to help owners and pets at this exceptionally difficult time. Thanks to the generous support and involvement of all involved. We will continue to seek ways in which we can continue supporting our Members during these unprecedented times.”

To support ADCH in their mission to assist animal rescue organisations, individuals can make a donation by visiting their website here.

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