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Happy ‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day’!

Since the ADCH central team works from home, every day is #BringYourDogToWorkDay for us! While remote work has its perks, it can sometimes feel lonely.

Here’s Hurley, the loyal companion of our Membership Services Coordinator, Ellie, to explain why dogs are great buddies for home workers: 

  • Reduced stress – Dogs can help alleviate stress levels and create a relaxed environment. 
  • Physical activity – Dogs ensure you take regular breaks for walks and playtime. 
  • Social interaction – Dogs are the best conversation starters, from chatting with other dog owners, to apologising when they shout at the delivery driver. 
  • The best listeners – Dogs offer you their unconditional trust and loyalty, with a non-judgmental ear for those extra tough days. 

If you also work from home and want a WFH buddy, use our ‘Find a Rescue’ tool to locate an ADCH member near you and improve a rescue dog’s life as much as they can improve yours.

Written by: ADCH