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Rehome a Cat or Dog

Rehome a Cat or Dog

The ADCH is an umbrella organisation and as such we don’t rehome animals ourselves. However, we are passionate about promoting the benefits of adopting.

There are huge advantages to adopting an animal – not least that you could be giving an animal a fantastic second chance in life. The process can of course be less immediate and it may require more patience, but it can be hugely rewarding in the long-term.

Adopting also means giving dogs of a different breed or at an older age a chance. For many potential owners this can present an opportunity to go on a journey with an animal they may never have thought about rehoming initially, but with whom they go on to form an unbreakable bond.

As many of our member organisations know well, adopting also provides a best-practice framework for owning an animal. Many rescue centres will ensure that animals ready for rehoming have been through stringent health and behavioural checks, and will ensure that they are matched to a home environment that’s most suitable to their breed and characteristics.

Rehoming Process:

Many of our members will provide specific advice clearly signposted on their websites about the process if you do decide to adopt, so we encourage potential owners to search for this should they decide to go down this route.

A typical process may involve several steps following an initial enquiry and a primary assessment with the rescue, so it’s important to be familiar with these steps before committing.

Rescue centres are also not immune from the external environment, so in certain circumstances these processes can take longer than normal.

Your Local Rescue:

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